Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The brash parrot

The brash parrot                                                                              

Inside a cage of bones, the brash parrot
waddles on its perch, a voluble green flame

shrieking and squalling, much to the delight of some
and, to others, dismay ... for so addled

and vulgar a creature to be declaiming,
in shrill mimicry, the Master’s wisdom.

But, those who consider the parrot’s words
mere exploitation, fail to grasp the true stature

of its wee, clamoring heart 
which, from the first encounter, registered

the import and majesty of the Master’s words
and forthwith caught fire, dedicating

its rather ludicrous, inadequate
apparatus of being to the continuous praise

and celebration of the Master’s perfect Truth
to anyone who will listen.  The particulars

the parrot may not fathom but the great gist
of the tale, its heart knows and owns ... and tirelessly repeats.

O child of God, speak with the impeccable authority
of your own unshakable faith in Meher Baba.


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