Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bread and wine

Bread and wine

O Beloved, speak to me now.
Your words have become my bread.

Pour the wine.
I am Your son and I thirst.

The river is flowing, inside and out, and I am bewildered.
Soothe me with Your fingertips and fragrant rose-balm.

My restless heart wounds itself on the ribs of its cage.
O Beloved, offer the silence of quenched desire.

I asked for words and received Your haunting melody
and a wine-soaked poem that won’t translate
            into any language.

Your voice sounds in the dark confines of the human heart.
Wine spills from its trembling vessel and drowns my thirst.

O child of God, rejoice in the wordless poetry of your Beloved;
the bread and wine that draws you each moment
            ever closer to Him. 

                            (from The Garden of Surrender)

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