Friday, December 1, 2017

The whetstone

The whetstone           

I sought from my Lord daily relief
from persistent disquiet and shame; 

absolution and allowance
for my chronic failures,

my miserable inadequacy,
until one day my Lord said to me,

It was I who hobbled you –
to keep you from straying too far.

I cuffed your wrists to keep your hands
out of mischief and folded in prayer.

I placed the blinders on – to train your vision
in the one direction you need to go.

I plugged your ears to reveal the inner voice.
I built you tongued-tied, odd and solitary

to separate you from the seductive crowd
because you belong to no one else but Me.   

O child of God, to properly sharpen the blade,
rough and fine-grained must be the whetstone.

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