Saturday, May 2, 2015

What gives?

What gives?                                                                                               

What gives to prompt this rare unclenching
in heart and head, nebulous soul of its fierce

and vigilant regard for the vulnerable self?
What clicks into place or jumps out of gear,

what wobbles in an untoward fashion
to override our chronic and ubiquitous fear

and allow magnanimity and mercy to emerge
from equanimity’s usual, hard-shelled nub? 

What gives, unravels and dismantles
a bit more of the structural integrity of the self,

bringing us all the nearer to collapse?
Everyone should ask, until the need for such

inquiries atrophies, our giving made at last innocent
and inherent  as the instinctual, self-protective

behavior it has replaced, as our conscious obedience
evolves incrementally into complete surrender.

O child of God, how you prattle about the path
you are being inexorably swept along.

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