Friday, November 25, 2011

True disciple

True disciple                                                                                     

They didn’t know You from Adam –
those who hanged You from a cross,

but Thomas fingered Your wounds,
made sure You were

Who You said You were.
I would touch Your wounds, Lord ... if I might,

to know the depths of Your sacrifice,
thrust my hand into Your side –
to explore the nature

of Your compassion and surrender,
but I haven’t the heart of a true disciple.   

I garland Your stone, praise You
to high heaven, endure

the small prices You ask me to pay ...
You, knowing and forgiving the fragility
and cowardice of a heart so shallowly pledged.  
That’s why we call You Father of Mercy.

O child of God, ... whosoever will, let him come
and take freely the water of Life.

                             (from A Jewel in the Dust)

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