Friday, June 21, 2019

The emptiness of the dream

The emptiness of the dream                                                                      

When I began my quest,
the world made perfect sense;

the pieces fit together snugly,
clung tightly into place.

Then You came along,
bounding down the open road,

upending the apple cart,
proclaiming a new life –

a great living and breathing Mystery
and I was intrigued enough to follow,

study, query, surmise and conject.
Years later, You have become

the only thing that makes sense.
Not because I’ve come anywhere near

plumbing Your depths but because
You have shown me the emptiness of the dream.

I look to You now for the unfathomable truth
because everything else in my world

has proven demonstrably false, fleeting,
insubstantial, partial and delusory.

O child of God, it is Maya – ignorance –
that undergirds the Illusion.

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