Monday, October 23, 2017

The one gauge

The one gauge            

Just love Me, my Lord said.
Perhaps His only request.

Love being for love’s sake –
without hope of gain, advantage or favor. 

In my heart, I find a dearth of such love.
And fear growing rank.  

The best I might give You, Lord, is gratitude
which I have come by honestly –

in response to Your kindness. 
Gratitude for the life I’ve led;

for the life You led.  Gratitude
for a family and my imperfect love

for all their human beauty.
And gratitude especially for being,

indeed, my only source of truth,
however ill at times I receive it,

the one gauge in this troubled dreamscape
I trust and cling to, without which

I would have long ago become untethered,
alone, overwhelmed and lost.

O child of God, not knowing what love is,
how can you judge your lack of it?

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