Saturday, February 15, 2014

The evergreen shore

The evergreen shore

When the ice got thin, I stretched out flat -
distributing my weight, panicked and motionless,

so I was prostrate when You appeared,
a bright flame on the opposite bank.

I began to hope -
though You'd lobbied against it.

I began to learn -
though You had not come for that.

I began to trust -
though You discouraged complacency.

I began to awaken -
though You remained silent as a Tomb.

After much spent patience, prodding,
subtle doting and cajoling,

I began to slide along on my belly
and lately, the arduous climb

to my feet, the risking of everything
to get nearer to You,

that beckoning flame
on the evergreen shore.

O child of God, Peter walked on water
with Jesus there to strengthen his faith.


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