Saturday, September 7, 2013

In the clenches

In the clenches

A half moon floats almost directly above,
silent in the blue morning sky --

you have to crane your neck to see it.
O my Angel, I'm left dim-witted, spent and sore --

I've been grappling with You 
for ten thousand years (!) --

ceaselessly seeking explanations;
inexorably drawn to the Inexplicable.

The cross I'm nailed to -- stretched in two directions --
is the intersection of the mortal and the divine.

When I entered the ring, someone took the stool --
there's no corner in which to rest

and in our brutal circling ... there's a loveless strategy
even in the clenches -- biding my time,

gathering my strength and resistance,
fending off your unrelenting blows.

O child of God, dance earnestly around the ring,
dutifully engaged in the battle for your soul.


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