Friday, December 7, 2012

Never drenched

Never drenched

Everybody’s crying ‘mercy’, Mose Allison wrote,
when they don’t know the meaning of the word.

We know only definitions, strategies
and the strained perversities

of God’s most dynamic and intrinsic Qualities.
Approached only through hearsay,

conjecture and imagination, 
we judge God’s love and mercy

and find Him lacking – while it is our own
judging hearts which lack those very virtues –

never drenched, never drenched in the aspects
of infinite, eternal Love and Mercy.

O Meher!  You dropped into this dream. 
We demanded explanations –

the Ultimate Reality delivered in dream speech;
justified by dream logic; redeemed in dream dynamics.  

No wonder You sealed Your lips
against the notion Truth can be taught

and learned ... not realized and lived.  
But, here again, I take Your part, my Lord,

against a greater part of the world, offering explanations.
Do I justify You to others ... or to myself?

O child of God, throw yourself over the cliff.
You nor the world have anything of value to lose.


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