Saturday, February 20, 2016

In the room tonight

In the room tonight

God is in the room tonight!
the preacher shouts and I believe him

though I can't detect God
among the wooden pews,

wrapped in a veil to conceal
the nothingness of who I am;

assuming shape only under its pressure.
The price of selfhood is God's concealment

and our estrangement.  God can't be singled out -
He gets lost in the examination, forest for the trees.

This ancient, lifelong intellectual human approach
is an error that must be abandoned,

the construct of self at the threshold left
with our sandals, visiting God intuitively;

credulously, a mote of dust . . . if that.
He's right here, brothers and sisters,

in the room tonight; to be seen and heard
as well as felt in the heart and along the spine.

O child of God, when will you untangle yourself
and embrace His holy presence?

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