Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Eternal sweetness

Eternal sweetness                                                                                   

On its outward flight, the honeybee
zigzags its dogged way amidst the garden 

scents and colors, collecting in its honey pouch
here and there the makings of sweetness.

But on returning – home to the hive –
there is no waywardness, no lingering in its labor. 

Laden, ponderously caked,
full of pollen it makes a beeline

for the dripping honeycomb
and the Queen’s golden haven.

Would that I be, Lord, on my way home,
forsaking the world’s bright wavering garden,

having foraged all I need of it to enter in
and turn the inner realms into eternal sweetness.

O child of God, how fanciful you are
in depicting your inevitable return to Reality.  

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