Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Only the witness

Only the witness                                                                                       

The sole witness to our dreams,
we are most often the main character –

until we awaken and see we never
really were a participant; only the witness. 

As in this waking dream, the Awakener adds.
When roused from sleep, once and forever, says He,

we shall see, we shall see – we never really were
the participant we think we are;

only the witness to an insubstantiality,
suffering its illusory bindings

yet removed from any real peril,
having never left our very own beds.

Only an intimate witness are we to this waking dream
beyond anyone’s choosing, design and control

with only one dreamed-up character a willing participant;
only One, sowing with perfect equanimity

this hardscrabble dreamscape
with seeds of irrepressible truth.

O child of God, auspicious is your dream.
This time you envisioned the Avatar.

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