Thursday, March 7, 2019

That nonexistent shore

That nonexistent shore                                                                              

My little soul is not a mere drop in the bucket
but according to Meher a drop in an ocean

without a shore, without sky above nor floor below.
An ocean if there is only ocean.

And my soul is not on a journey –
no space to move through,

nowhere to go and no time to get there.
I have no fellow beings, no boundaries,

no autonomy, no existence.
And yet here I am – every day just as if

there were days and nights, lives and deaths,
flesh and bone, five senses, mind and knowledge.

Here I am, o Lord, calling to You
as if You had ears and I had a throat and tongue.

O child of God, let your mind twist and swirl
until it’s dashed upon the stones of that nonexistent shore.

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