Friday, July 22, 2016

The One Who never leaves

The One Who never leaves                                                                    

O pilgrim!  We come into this world,
grow up, grow old and depart, or so it seems.

This existence into which we are tossed
stays and we move on, or so it seems.

But a few have come over the ages to say:
I am the One Who never leaves!  

I am the One Who never leaves! 
They come to say: I am with you always

and you and I are One. O pilgrim,
we are the One Who never leaves!

Pilgrim is a misnomer – We are the One
Who never goes anywhere.  Never fades away. 

We are the still river the bridge flows through.
Ceaselessly around Us, the stationary One,

illusion arises, flourishes, then is destroyed –
again and again, ephemeral, temporal,

defined by duality, by space and time; ceaselessly
it flows around the One eternal existence which is Us.

Illusion comes and goes, comes and goes –
around the Creator, the Observer,

the pure Consciousness,
the One Who never leaves.

O child of God, maya is the apparently erroneous
notion that you are born, you live and you die. 

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