Saturday, December 7, 2013

Truth be told

Truth be told

Truth be told, my Master was silent.
Truth be told, silence was the essence

of His message.  O, He promised
on numerous occasions to speak

the Word of words -- some forty-odd years 
but nary a word He left us -- no goodbye,

no parting wisdom, trading one silence for another.
Such is our dilemma, o lovers, in telling others

of His silence and His broken promises,
of our fascination with the One

Who refused to be glib, pedantic,
predictable in the Truth; Who spoke

somehow beyond throat and ear, beyond
forced and roughly shaped sounds.

I suggest we must, in the end, 
resort to our own brand of silence

and pray Truth be told, His Truth --
in all its palpable, wordless splendor --

be told, be told, be told within each
God-conscripted, fatefully chosen breast.

O child of God, your job is to love Him.
His job is everything else.


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