Saturday, October 25, 2014

Apparently, fearless

Apparently, fearless

Rumi likened the soul to a bird
of beating wings,

propelled toward God
by (love's) expansion

and (fear's) inevitable,
subsequent contraction;

a thrust and recovering -
fear and repugnance, joy

and inspiration and back again
in pursuit of truth and beauty

and the leave-taking gamble
of the solitary perch

of nestled desire and pleasure,
our final approach being,

apparently, fearless -
of a gliding, unalloyed posture,

wings stretched to their limit,
braced and unbending,

our flight's path and pattern
determined solely by the play of winds,

from beak to feather beyond
our efforts, desire and control.

O child of God, abandon fear and soar
into the holy, awaiting firmament.

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