Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Reason for love

Reason for love  

There’s no reason for love.  
Get used to it.  Go ahead –

work up a few doddering explanations
for your unruly behavior.

Something to make you linger longer
outside the charnel house.

The trick is that love is never sure
and is thus impossible for the wary.

But what if this time, you ally
with someOne besides your timid self?

SomeOne Who might, perhaps, strip you
of motive and prudence, and at the same time,

stir you to sacrifice
all you know and think you are

for the simple reason
that there’s no reason not to,

nothing worth holding back or onto
and nothing else at all worth doing.     

O child of God, cast yourself without cause
into that ultimate, impenetrable mystery.

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