Friday, November 10, 2017

A regarding of the cup

A regarding of the cup            

Unlike the subject in the parable,
making his one-pointed way

through the streets, under the king’s order,
spilling not a drop from his cup –

there is no blade pricking my back.
It’s a different try when the sword

is abstract and everyday –
the milk hither and yon spilt

constantly from the neglected cup
yet yielding no attributable dire effect;

the world whispering in my ear the whole long trek
like Satan in the garden. When the king’s word

is just one among the cacophony
and my own figure estranged and timorous,

then the (God-given) sword of faith
must meet the purpose, held to my own throat

for the suitable vigilance
of my try at constancy and devotion.  

O child of God, a circumspect regarding of the cup,
the Masters say, leads from communion to Union.

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