Saturday, July 21, 2012

Enter the desert

Enter the desert                                                                               

Enter the desert a wanderer,
uncharted among the dunes,

under the stars; shaped by pressures
only hinted at, half-guessed,

gestured toward; suitable to your nature,
without respite, witness or glamour –

to be a lover is to go it alone.
Swaying upon the bridge, the temptress sings;

the sculptor at the monolith, hewing away.
Caught up in a terrible game of words,

the poet grapples for whatever
endurable term might bare

a slice of the loneliness
that constitutes a human heart.

Hewing away at it alone –
that’s what we are

and the truth of that
is the truth of God

to be elaborated upon,
the one and only Truth – God alone exists. 

O child of God, brave the lonely perils;
seek the truth of the One and Only. 


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