Monday, October 30, 2017

God's game

God’s game                                                                                                          

According to the teachings, I am already That
which I’ve been trying to become.

What is there to do?  Where is there to go?
My prayers, studies; musings, meditations

exposed as indulgences, deeply rooted in fear;
enablers in my lack of trust; my refusal

to let go of the illusory reins;
the false assurance that there’s more for me

to do than succumb to God’s authority.  
But, this is where I am on the playing board;

these are my appointed rounds;
time is an illusion and God’s game

is the only one in town.
Each piece moves per His Whim

and He is on every side.  How can I lose? 
Though it affords me no comfort, I take it on faith –

I am secure, already where I set out to be;
where I always was and always will be.

O child of God, you will have won the game
when you stop tying yourself in knots.

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