Monday, October 30, 2017

God's game

God’s game              

I’m already there, according to the teachings. 
I am already That which I’ve been trying to become.

What is there to do?  Where is there to go?
No glory of attainment, no triumph. 

I’m already That.  To be unveiled by You in due course.
My ritualistic disciplines – deeply rooted in fear –

prayers, studies; musings, meditations – exposed
as indulgences, enablers in my lack of trust;

in my refusal to let go of the illusory reins;
the false assurance that there is more for me

to do than succumb; to stop fighting
for control of my own destiny;

no more to do than cease to exist.  
But, this is where I am on the playing board;

these are my appointed rounds; 
time is an illusion and God’s game 

is the only one in town.
Each piece moves per His Whim

and He is on every side.  How can I lose? 
Though it affords me no comfort, I take it on faith –

I am secure, already where I set out to be;
where I always was and always will be.

O child of God, you will have won the game
when you stop tying yourself in knots.

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