Saturday, February 1, 2014

An effortless endeavor

An effortless endeavor

Seekers of God were drawn to You early on,
prepared to overcome every obstacle to liberation.

They begged You to instruct them in the Way;
to speak into their ears the Word of words.

You entered the Jhopdi one evening;
emerged wordless for the rest of your life.

Your fingers spoke - at everyone's insistence -
of love, obedience and surrender.

Love - not the least bit amenable to force or will.
Obedience - mere disciplined ambition

unless prompted by a guileless heart.
Surrender - a letting go, a giving up

of all hope and desires, low and high.
Love, obedience, surrender -

each an effortless endeavor,
dependent upon the Master's grace.

Eruch proposed determination -
not quite effort - but, something to do while waiting

for the buds to unlimber, the fruit to soften,
the wine to ferment in its ancient wooden casks.

O child of God, embrace the process.
It is that to which we must surrender.


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