Saturday, October 18, 2014

True grit

True grit

God is love ...
but, to express love,

to exercise, exhibit and execute love,
God has to become human.

Coats of flesh must be applied
and not just the Christ,

an illusion of pearl
around the true grit,

every human body making evident love,
existential, empirical and obvious love,

bodies heavenly in the void,
colors in a field of light,

illusory flaws in God's perfection,
making visible our ephemeral selves

where resides the tangible evidence
of God's pure and unfathomably true love.

Chinks and seams, ledges and crevices
in the daunting face, the edifice of perfection

we must scale in our impossibly long
journey to reach heaven.

O child of God!  God is love, Meher said.
And love must love.

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