Thursday, September 21, 2017

Elder beauty

Elder beauty  

Older now, I see it - the elder beauty,
the younger comeliness

ghostly about faces and bones,
the eyes, particularly.  Courage there also –

ah! the beauty of courage –
and patience that has volunteered

in our well-kept gardens.  Perseverance, too, 
and the consent of loss with so much gain,

continuing into our personal future
and that future’s ultimate demise.

Older now, I see the flesh give way
to the ancient, shining soul.

It shone through, Mani said
of Baba’s divinity.  It shone through

I see it; I see its subtle emanations  
in unexpected glimmers –

the elder, ethereal beauty I could glimpse
only rarely in my youth.

O child of God, what a bounty you have received.
And the Beloved is not through with you yet!

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