Saturday, October 4, 2014

The unfolding answer

The unfolding answer                                                                             

A man of deep faith, just as a man
without faith, asks nothing of God.

Life itself to such a man 
is the unfolding answer to all prayers.

Pain, fright is there – but not anxiety;
loss but not grief;

failure without disappointment;
solitude without loneliness;

death (we are told) without termination.
Perched on the tip of the bow,

a man of faith is serenely poised
to receive, to pass along

only what he’s given; responsible
for nothing but vigilance and acquiescence.

He gets the big picture, the ocean view,
recognizes the nuances, though as yet,

is unable to grasp the details.
Less than a hair’s breadth (the Masters say),

separates heaven from earth –
it requires an unhanding,

an atrophy of judgment,
a relinquishment of presumption.

O child of God, life itself to a man of faith
is the unfolding answer to all prayers

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