Saturday, December 24, 2011

Love is a Lion

Love is a Lion                                                                          

O pilgrim, you ask for illumination.
But why give a lantern to a blind man?

Give your hand to the Godman.
Grow accustomed to His gait.

Truth eludes your half-hearted steps.
Dark is the path ahead.  Yes, faith is blind --

but, prick up your ears!  Lick your thumb! 
Follow that lingering scent of purity!

He was silent for a lifetime.
You keep silent now. 

Or say the Name which leads to silence,
the Name of the Silent One, Meher Baba.

O child of God, You want to hold love
in your lap like a kitten.  But, Love is a Lion.

                    (from A Jewel in the Dust)

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