Saturday, January 12, 2013

The blade of remembrance

The blade of remembrance   

First, it merely pares away
the unwanted debris,

holding your heart hostage –
until ... it tosses you into the street –

down which you wander
out into the wilderness

where it becomes an implement
to scale and explore

the vaulting edifice,
to gain a hand or foothold

in the scattered veins and crevices,
scrambling along the daunting face. 

But, it’s employed
more opportunely later –

sunk deeply into the chest ...
to strike a vein, to plunder the treasure

deeper than the heart,
whittling one’s self to a straw,

for the narrow, twisted passageways
within a vast, interior territory.

O child of God, let His name remind you of the nature 
of the dream appearing continuously before your eyes.


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