Thursday, December 1, 2011

The burden of Love

The burden of Love  

O Beloved, You say God is Love.
Before I met You, I had trouble believing in God.
You know the story –

How can God exist with so much suffering in the world?
so much cruelty and injustice – with death separating us all in the end?

But after many years with You, my question is:
How can there not be a God?
With so much suffering, injustice, cruelty and death?

How can there not be God to ultimately balance the scales of Justice,
to restore Love and Mercy, to reunite us with all the loved ones
          we have so innocently lost?

The doubters say religion is a crutch, but I ask them,
‘Who do you know who is not crippled?

Show me one heart that has not borne the burden of Love.’
O Beloved, I believe in the Eternal because You became flesh.

When the body of Zarathushtra was discarded, You entered
the Sacred Flame.
After Rama and Krishna, You blended into the totality of existence.

At the appointed hour, Buddha ate the mushrooms and disappeared into
Mohammed flew to Paradise; Jesus ascended into Heaven

This time, as Meher Baba, You dropped Your perfect body only
          to reappear within the human heart.
How much closer to us has this incarnation brought You!

O child of God, Jesus is not hiding somewhere behind the moon.
His sandals can be found outside the door of every humble heart.

                            (from The Garden of Surrender)

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