Monday, October 1, 2018

My Revealer

My Revealer                                                                                            

The true lover, Baba said, seals his lips  
as I’m tending to do these days

not from fiery longing (alas) but from the fear
that someone overhearing might want me

fitted for a jacket with very long sleeves.
I was a reasonable fellow once

who has turned irrational, making everyone nervous. 
I’m nervous, too, and weary, trying to wedge

the pieces of my crumbling world back
into some semblance of order.  It’s frightening.

With a certain thrill to it, also.  A strange, secret freedom. 
I sound out my friends with my newfound wisdom.

They are embarrassed for me, nodding politely,
shying away.  I get the idea that once

they turn the corner they break into a run.  No matter. 
One of the earth-shattering truths (or self-delusions)

which has come to me of late is that there is only myself
and my Revealer.  I answer to no one else.

O child of God, get wisdom from others only
by observing your reactions to their words and behavior.

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