Saturday, June 22, 2013

Tickle and flinch

Tickle and flinch

Ticklishness is a trust issue --
like flinching but, more benign.

We are all ticklish or, worse
when God puts His hands upon us --

spasmodic, spooked and shy.  Trust must become 
inherent and entrenched then, transcended.

Love transcends trust.  Does away with it.
I've only had a crumb of that pie --

but, enough to know it tastes of annihilation.
The tongue is closer to the truth

(who would have thought?) when still,
than the ear or eye.  The city of Paradise

lies beyond a great chasm.  It's towers notch the sky.
Trust keeps us walking the rim of that chasm.

Love -- annihilation -- must somehow
give us the wings to go the distance

between the gates of heaven
and the ground upon which we stand;

between God and His creatures; His children.
Only annihilation -- when the game is over --

the great castle dissolved into non-existence,
only annihilation (You say) bridges the gap.

O child of God, come to terms with your solitude.
The Beloved wants you all to Himself.


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