Saturday, February 9, 2013

Head over heels

Head over heels                                                                            

To indicate the effect breaking His silence
would have upon the world,

Meher Baba once cupped His hands
to form a globe and then, deftly, flipped it over.

Why shouldn’t I believe Him?
Secure within the predictable

and familiar orbits and juxtapositions
of various touchstones and landmarks,

well-accustomed to the daunting pattern
of stars spinning above my head,

the dependable earth beneath my feet,
my Lord, mercifully, upended my world,

set me upon a path through foreign territory –
everything new, strange and oddly out of whack.

Even today, years later, whenever I come close
to regaining my equilibrium, re-acquiring my bearings,

with a swift sweep of His hand, He clears the playing board.
He once formed a globe with His hands and then, flipped it.

Upside down, someone said, interpreting the gesture.
No, He wryly corrected.  Right side up!

O child of God, celebrate the moment you fell
head over heels in love with your Beloved.


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