Thursday, December 8, 2011



Liberation?  You offer servitude.
Attainment?  Lowliness. 

Empowerment?  Helplessness.
Purity and bliss?  Ghamela yoga:  

pain, grime, exhaustion –
ground to dust under Your heel.

You drive a hard bargain, Sir!  What sort
of fools signs up for that tour of duty?

Pilate thought to wash his hands of Jesus.
You make sure we get ours dirty –

graves deeply dug; Your garment’s hem
muddied and twisted in our fists.

Desperate, prodigal and impaired?  Yes.   
Apprehensive and imprudent?   Yes ...

nonetheless, I love and am slave
of the Slave of the love of His lovers.

O child of God, servitude?  You bleat
at each pinch of the fetters, each tug of the chain.

                                 (from A Jewel in the Dust)

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