Saturday, October 5, 2013

The illusion of God's absence

The illusion of God's absence

The rich have their diamonds and pearls;
the poor -- the moon and stars;

the pauper emerges from a cramped hovel,
peers upward into a starry night

going on forever.  Upon every doorstep --
the infinite sky, the eternal now,

filling us up everywhere we turn
upon the spectrum of agony to ecstasy.

The Lord is our shepherd we shall not want.
Every brimful moment -- we shall not want.

No one is slighted; no one goes without.
Our inheritance -- our just and proper due --

life in minutia, in all extremes,
the essence and price of being human.

Preference creates the illusion of want.  Judgement
and desire create the illusion of God's absence.

O child of God, cultivate indiscriminate gratitude;
purchase Oneness with the jewel of desirelessness.

O child of God, in the stone's crevice
shall bloom the perfect rose.


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