Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Otherwise engaged

Otherwise engaged         

When I wasn’t paying attention, You were –
on the job, while I was otherwise engaged.

When I was confused, You took my part;
rebellious – You were patient.

When I was full of myself, You looked beyond it.
When I was hurtful, You attended to the wounded.

Lost – You kept me on track.
When I was blasphemous, You spoke of other things.

You waited me out when I was stubborn
and when discouraged, You sent me signs.

When I was blind, You went without recognition
and ungrateful, You did without thanks.

When I was bitter, You manifested the miraculous;
when callous, You pierced my armor.

You applied Your wisdom, when I was ignorant
and when I was wrong, You revealed it to me.

Every time I have failed You, Lord,
You have shown the utmost compassion.

Unloving as I am, You have nudged me along.
Unworthy – You have tossed out the scales.

O child of God, perhaps, by grace, you’ve glimpsed
a shadow of His garment’s hem.

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