Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hopping a train

Hopping a train                                                                                

Lord, grant me a quick burst 
versus the slow gain

of speed in the short window,  
muscles versus steam,

hand on the handrail, eyeing the narrow
wrought iron steps; with long hapless strides,

a blast of the whistle, a fire in the chest,
a loose strain on the body, not knowing what waits

if I can haul myself aboard – just knowing,
I don’t want to be here anymore

and this train is pulling out.
Lord, grant me the strength,

picturing You somewhere
in a third class compartment

surrounded by the mandali and aware
of my efforts, yearnings and despair;

aware of and awaiting my fait accompli.
I’ve got fingers ‘round the jolting

rail of my salvation, as the train
pulls cumbrously, inexorably away.

O child of God, to join the New Life
you must leave behind the old life. 

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