Saturday, February 2, 2019

Ropes and rules

Ropes and rules                                                                                      

A colorful fleck in a kaleidoscope
floating this way and that, eternally

turned in the hands of a child,
uneasily, I examine my position –

explore every fluid arrangement,
jockey for situations deemed favorable;

fancying myself a player successfully
riding the waves, if not holding sway.

Having no power over the child,
I seek now desperately to know somehow

with an accumulated wisdom 
the granted ropes and rules of this realm

for the protection of my little fleck and brood,
no power to leave and trust

the turning of the mechanism
to the delight and whim

of that deeply mysterious, omnipotent,
uncontrollable and mischievous child.

O child of God, your autonomy thwarted at every turn,
still you believe your surrender depends upon you.

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