Saturday, August 24, 2013

The ties that bind

The ties that bind

The karmic dilemma
gathered and gleaned over the years --

in the fetal position,
roughly bound hands and feet,

drifting in and out of clarity
and when out of it --

chasing a sham of freedom everywhere
in this physical, sensual dream-like life.

Every Master worth His salt has pointed out --
even the slightest tug and accommodation

binds you all the more.
And so it comes down to ...

the unfettered tongue, the unobstructed throat.
O lovers, call His name --

the One whose nimble fingers
lovingly unsnarl, unwind.

Call Him to your side -- the One whose mighty sword
the knotted tangles roots out and slices through. 

Call His name!  Lure Him with praise and song;
remembrance and repetition;

with your humility and your most
holy lying-down helplessness.

O child of God, the repetition of His name
(He promises) severs the ties that bind.


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