Thursday, January 24, 2013

The joy of breath

The joy of breath     

It’s like sewing the torn seam
of a treasured jacket –

needle pushed in, pulled out
to patch the rend that lets the chill in

You might say His name
with each stroke if you’ve a mind to

and go through the day
with mercy in your throat;

like a swinging gate awhisper
on well-oiled hinges – you keeping a nearby watch

to chronicle the traffic, follow your thoughts
where you will and leave off

where you must -- stand and observe
the lone traveler disappearing against the sky.

Wherever you end up, the gate will follow,
ready for you to take up your post again.

You won’t change much (coming in/going out) –
your deportment, perhaps, discernment,

your rash decisions, easy attachments –
O seamster, name-dropper, sentinel, spy!

holy, holy witness, knowing only the moment,
inside and out, and the primal joy of breath!

O child of God, will you ride the ox or,
chase forever behind its random wanderings?


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