Saturday, September 29, 2012

The cross is always waiting

The cross is always waiting                                                            

People say he’s a dead ringer for Jesus of Nazareth
but, like Mary’s spouse, he’s just a regular joe,

God taking him aside one day
and laying the Truth on him –

You must bear the cross
all the way to Golgotha ... lie naked there

on the rugged timbers, stretch out your body
to endure the spikes and thorns,

the spear’s thrust, the bitter gall. 
You may tarry ... and stray along the way –

though, I assure you there’s nothing
but pain on either side –

and even lay down your cross, at times;
wander hither and yon, wherever you will,

but know that the cross is always waiting
to be taken up, fitting snugly onto your shoulder.

The cross will not be done with you
until you are done with it –

riding it high on a hill,
pell-mell into the cloud-concealed
and far-flung regions of heaven.

O child of God, open yourself to the terrible
mystery of annihilation and surrender.


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