Saturday, October 3, 2015

I came across Christ

I came across Christ                                                                                

I came across Christ stripped of scriptural restraints;
uplifted in outstretched, agonized triumph.

I came across Christ as He double-crossed
the stone sepulcher; came across death,

across Truth in a walkabout that led to Jesus in India,
thousands of years from the sophistry,

the accumulated errors, the calcified ruins.  
I came across Christ, the palpable flesh and blood

hanged from a cross of the Carpenter’s own making,
His silent returning, His timely, masterful, merciful

descent, the ethereal made extant in the milieu
of our latest, chronic human lunacy and despair.

O child of God, follow the ancient thread that runs
from Zoroaster’s kushti to the sadra of Meher.

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