Friday, February 22, 2013

The malady of loneliness

The malady of loneliness  

Leave me alone with my thoughts,
I heard myself say.  Thoughts providing

distractions and entertainments
to keep a rendezvous at bay.
We inhabit, perhaps, the same house
but, lost in thought,

I never cross paths with my Companion,
(evidenced only by wistful glimpses, residual clues). 

Am I truly alone within this odd, familiar structure?
Fear keeps me from exploring the premises.

I take, instead, to the streets
or hole myself up in my fiction-lined attic.

I’m free to entertain, of course --
friends in the parlor, spooners on the porch,

lovers in the rooms upstairs, but, to uncover
whether or not I am truly alone,

I must descend into the dank bowels,
near to the crumbling foundations,

and, in that darkling place,
kindle a lonely flame ...

to expose ... or not, the cornered face
of my Beloved, my Companion.

O child of God!  For the malady of loneliness,
solitude is the only possible cure.


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