Saturday, March 14, 2015

This realm of zero

This realm of zero

Love alone prevails, said my Lord.
All else is zero.  And how do I

hold up my head in this realm of zero?
How do I grow strong and lucid;

become noble, find my kindness
in this realm of zero?

How do I cherish virtue,
see God everywhere; care about others

in this realm of zero?
Only by clinging to the One

Who descends, bestows, prevails -
Love Itself in Its earthly human splendor.

Surrender, then, will be no sacrifice,
queuing up for His everything,

offering my nothingness for annihilation,
the only favor God grants

in this heartbreaking,
inconsequential realm of zero.

O child of God, love is the conquering hero
dropped behind the enemy lines.

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