Saturday, March 30, 2013

The hunger

The hunger                                  

After the poem, comes an emptiness,
a missed opportunity, a haunting plea --

what have you done for me lately?
Emptiness, the Source of poetry;

the ache for God,
the empowerment of every word.

Consult your dictionary.
I can’t keep writing forever

and what would it mean?
Redemption is not contained in words.

This poem – another brief
and partial realization –

to write it down is to lose it –
unreal when put into rhyme ...

but, that’s the job I’ve been given
to save my soul.  And this seems like the end

of the poem, so ... what to do now?
The hunger’s still there.

O child of God, be grateful for that hunger.
It will one day lead you to God.


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