Saturday, October 4, 2014

Orb of the heart

Orb of the heart                                                                                     

When the center of the sky was earth,
the movements of planets and stars

seemed erratic; calculations difficult and complex.
The sun took over and flights clicked

more easily into predictable patterns.
And when the center of the sky

became a distant, conjectured,
long-ago point of origin, the earth,

stars and planets began to interact
in calculable and precise ways,

parts of an infinite, well-oiled machine.
As long as that blue, stone cold

orb of the heart is taken to be
the center of the universe,

every outward movement,
every body spinning beyond it

will be judged as erratic and arbitrary,
inexplicable and incalculable.

O child of God, the truth makes things
o-so-much-more simple and clear.

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