Saturday, December 14, 2013

Sky blue coat

Sky blue coat

I followed a map of the world.  It led
down a narrow path to the ocean.

From there I could see - nothing matters
but the folding of myself into You.

Let love be my measure ... and my guide.
I've known love enough in this lifetime

to know it's not blind,
but wide-eyed and vigilant;

not intoxication but an unearthly sobriety
penetrating the chronic delirium of the false view.

How wondrous the heart - at the same time
an encrusted anchor and a fluttering bird;

bruised rose and captured hare;
a torch, a goblet;

an upraised fist and weathered valise.
The pages where my story is written -

fold and tuck them away - into the pocket
of my Beloved's sky blue coat.

O child of God, drop your bags and run
headlong into the Master's arms.

                    (from A Jewel in the Dust)

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