Friday, April 5, 2013

Spoken for

Spoken for

Love, You say, asks no questions.
My heart's not yet speechless

but, my mind's onto the truth
that all questions lose their validity

this side of the veil.  To ask is to break
the silent bond.  It's not about believing

or, not believing, but about love . . .
or, not loving and the longing

that's always there
and the despair that inhabits

every laugh and stride and smile,
every social nuance, as we bide our time,

do what we must, granting solace,
here and there, to ourselves and the world

far from the Avatar and the key.
Though, we are lost, we are in His hands,

and that is all the difference . . .
and that is all the difference.

O child of God, why keep speaking?
You are already spoken for.


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