Thursday, June 14, 2018

The shelter

The shelter                                                                                                         

There’s a shelter, rain on the roof,
wind in the trees the only sounds.

And your own breath.
Let the storm outside rage.

Hard to find and keep, this shelter –
a hidden niche in a valley

deep with loneliness, habit and fear;
false assurances, reckless promises;

the urge for artificial light.
In this shelter the new life begins,

a different journey – the outward,
the known discarded – trusting someOne,

someThing other than yourself,
shrugging off the weight of the world

and reaching out a hand
to be led wherever truth may take you.

A small room where you trust
because you no longer care

and give yourself over to the steadfast shelter
of the only permanence you have ever met.

O child of God, Meher Baba said,
take your stand on the truth within.

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