Tuesday, October 23, 2018

A desert silence

A desert silence                                                                                     

I have been as lost as the world
and in innumerable ways I still am.

The mystery of which I often speak
is only with the borrowed authority

of my Lord, the tenuous authority of my faith.
I am unequal to the world

but my Lord has overcome it,
shown me true things (I pray), inside and out;

leading me from my numerous trepidations
step by step; awakening me even here

in this bewildering wilderness with a desert silence.
O this restless world (!)

is but a dirt-encrusted pearl
spinning in silent space

having fallen from a necklace
torn from around His mighty throat.

O child of God, each day with trust and faith
you piece together His obscure, subjective clues. 

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