Thursday, May 16, 2019

Some enchanted evening

Some enchanted evening                                                                                     

you may see a stranger, you may
see a stranger across a crowded room . . .

and o how many and often a crowd of strangers
comes between that beautiful One and myself!

Taps on the shoulder, the commandeering of elbows,
various pitches; elaborate dances and wild melees

all the while my trying to keep a steady eye
on the stranger moving silently through the room.

Moving pure and graceful through the room,
parting the crowd effortlessly with each step.

Seeming to come nearer . . . ever nearer.
An irresistible urge to touch His garment;

an effort to tear myself away from the others;
to push through, move beyond;

fly to Him, fly to that preternatural,
healing figure of enchantment.

O child of God, how many and often a crowd
comes between you and your true Self.

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