Thursday, August 23, 2018

Free radical

Free radical                                                                                              

The fault is mine, I hear myself say
but it isn’t quite true.

Better than blaming others
which is even less true but,

contrary to worldly wisdom, the teachings
suggest that to blame is to blaspheme,

adopting the self-centered, heretical conceit
that I am not (nor is anyone else)

entirely under God’s authority,
a loose cannon somehow, a free radical.

It is, apparently, the ineffable, inarticulate truth
that all the blame must rest solidly

upon the vast, irreproachable shoulders of God
and the sooner we come to know

and live that truth, the nearer we approach
the illusive fellowship of the new humanity.

O child of God, take your cue from the fallen leaf
and the half farthing sparrow. 

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